1)The Committee reserves the right to visit Exhibitors gardens from which the produce has been entered, before or after the Show.

2)Only one entry from any one garden in each class is allowed.

3)All exhibits, must have been grown by the Exhibitor except in Photography, Handicraft, Floral Art, Cookery and Pot Plants classes. Pot Plants must have been in the Exhibitors possession for at least 3 months.

4)*Cakes to be presented on a plate with a doilie.

**Flans to be removed from tins

5)Photos shown unframed, Max 13 X 18cm (5 x 7”) taken using a digital camera or film, in colour or B/W unless stated, judging based on quality of composition and focus, Max 1 entry in each class per person, must be taken by exhibitor in local area, location written on reverse of photo.

6)Entries in the Open Classes are open to residents in the surrounding area (with discretion)

7)The decision of the Judges shall be final. Any complaints must be made to a committee member prior to prize giving.

8)The Judges are instructed not to award prizes where exhibits are of insufficient Merit.

9)All horticultural exhibits judged by Royal Horticultural Society rules.

10)Fees for exhibitors: FREE FOR EVERYONE.

11)Prize Money: For Children only: £2, £1, 50P except where otherwise stated.

12)Exhibits not for competition are welcome. All exhibits not cleared immediately after the prize-giving will be sold for the benefit of the Association. No exhibit may be removed until after prize-giving.

13)All online entry forms to be completed by 9pm on Wednesday before each Show.

14)ALL CUPS are to be returned to the Show Secretary NO later than 6pm one week before each show.

15)Please keep a record of the classes you have entered.


All exhibits not removed by exhibitor will be sold for the benefit of the association.